Alessi Skin Care

ALESSI SKIN CARE was launched in 2007. However, the impetus for the company has been around for many years. Our inventor, Dr. Alessi, was appalled by the loose standards for statements made by cosmetic manufacturers, especially the sometime salacious claims that were being made. Dr. Alessi refined the different compounds that he used in his private office for many years, and then started to investigate the newer over-the-counter creams to see if any had enough science behind them to use on his beautiful wife, and the answer was no. So he developed his own line. Soon his wife, her mother, and her friends were all using them. Then her friend’s friends, etc. and ALESSI SKIN CARE was born.

Firming Cream

The Firming Cream is a proprietary formulation of organics that were very successful with the prior Botanical Line, with scientifically validated agents that stimulate collagen and elastin production, while preventing the formation of dangerous free radicals. They preserve the DNA that is vital to keeping your skin looking young. The Firming Cream also tightens the skin while intensely hydrating and moisturizing the dermis.

Brightening Cream

The Brightening Cream is our new fading cream for long- term use. It has scientifically proven agents that inhibit the melanin which causes hyperpigmented areas, and also provides dermal repair agents and stimulates collagen production. Combined, the active agents give a more even tone for healthier and brighter skin!

Lose the Hype, Gain the Science

Renowned Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon to the stars and biochemist launches revolutionary line of skin care. Dr. Alessi has personally developed a skin care line using his extensive clinical and scientific knowledge. These compounds were formulated, tested and reformulated by Dr. Alessi. They are only available through his office or contracted out sources. They are so unique that they could have only been invented by someone who is a biochemist and Facial Plastic Surgeon. Come and enjoy the science behind beauty. Dr. Alessi has a keen understanding of skin structure and his compound work at the deepest layers. This provides for the most dramatic and long lasting results available.

ALESSI SKIN CARE is focused on results and not hype. Dr. Alessi did not want to just be another Plastic Surgeon with his name on a bottle. He wanted to see real results. The creams are designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and can be used at any stage in life.

The new ASC Charcoal Active Mask is the perfect way to deeply clean the pores and dermis after a long stressful day. With our proprietary size charcoal particles and other agents, the cleaning is better than ever. As always, our masks are self-tunable. Leave on for 5 minutes for cleaning and moisturizing. Leave on until dry for deeper cleaning of toxic oils that build up over the day.

Also available Day and Night Cream, Eye Serum, Fading Cream and our famous Starblaster for brown spots.